My first bouzouki

And a surprising email!

As I wrote on an earlier post, my first bouzouki, has been bought from a local music store of my town as a gift from my father , at the age of 12. It was a very cheap instrument, mostly made by acrylic and plastic.
After purchasing my second bouzouki at the age of 15, I passed the first one to my younger cousin Giannis, whose talent and passion in music was obvious from a very young age, leading him to become a great professional musician and classical guitar soloist.

When I started this blog some months ago, I researched for days my family's photo album trying to find and publish a photo of my first instrument.Without any luck, I created digitally in Photoshop an image of my first bouzouki, as close as to the memory I had in my mind.

Immigrating to US in 95, I lost communication with some members of my family. One of them was my cousin Giannis.
Two days ago, we were able finally to get in touch for first time after 15 years through facebook and exchange information. I could not resist to ask him , if in any way he had a picture of my first bouzouki. I knew that asking him for evidence of an instrument he had played 25 years ago, would be equal to finding a needle in a haystack.

Today I got a surprising email from Giannis with 5 photos attached.In his email he wrote:

"The great musicians never throw away their musical instruments no-matter what is their value. The photographs I am sending you are current.I keep the instrument in my hands, and I am waiting to pass it over to you when we will meet again! "


My first Photoshop touch ups,.. really my first bouzouki!


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